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Ichiryu no Inaka (First-class countryside) Atsushio Onsen Yamagataya

  • Shinrin footbath
  • Sample guest room
  • Sample dish
  • Vegetables harvested in Atsushiokano-machi
  • Yamagataya surrounded by natural scenery

About Yamagataya

Yamagataya has a total of 42 rooms.
10 of these rooms are Japanese-Western style with beds.
You can enjoy two different styles of hot springs. One is the Oshikirigawa created in the image of Mt. Iide's virgin forest, and the other is Himesayuri, created in the image of the brick constructions of Kitakata.
Our meals use locally grown ingredients for you to enjoy flavors that can only be savored that month. We devise a new menu of elaborate culinary delights each month.

About Yamagataya
  • Check-in: 2:00 p.m.
    Check-out: 11:00 a.m.
  • Cancellation fee
    Date of cancellation notification Cancellations without notice 100%
    Same-day 70%
    1 days to 2 days prior 50%
    3 days to 6 days prior 30%
    Date of cancellation notification
    Cancellations without notice
    Date of cancellation notification
    Date of cancellation notification
    1 days to 2 days prior
    Date of cancellation notification
    3 days to 6 days prior

Hot spring information

At Yamagataya you can enjoy baths in two different styles.
Each has an open-air bath and large communal bath enabling even greater enjoyment of the baths at Yamagataya

  • Oshikirigawa
  • Oshikirigawa
  • Oshikirigawa
  • Oshikirigawa
  • Oshikirigawa

Oshikirigawa has the taste of an elegant hidden bath in the mountains.

Created in the image of the sacred mountain, Mt. Iide's virgin forest, Oshikirigawa uses a generous amount of cypress giving it a beautiful rustic feel.
The open-air bath sits at a high elevation surrounded by trees giving you a sense of total privacy.

  • Himesayuri
  • Himesayuri
  • Himesayuri
  • Himesayuri
  • Himesayuri

Himesayuri is a modern and stylish bath.

Created in the image of Kitakata brick constructions, the modern Himesayuri bath has a chic atmosphere.
Feeling the breeze of the season against your skin in the open-air bath is an exquisite experience.

  • * The men's and women's baths switch at midnight. Maintenance is conducted from 11:30 p.m. to midnight, so entrance is prohibited.
  • Charcoal baden
  • High-temperature sauna
  • Shinrin footbath

In addition, we have Japan's first Charcoal Baden, which is a low-temperature charcoal sauna, a high-temperature sauna, and footbaths for you to enjoy in a forest surrounding.

<Charcoal baden>
Yamagataya is proud to be home to this soothing facility that employs the use of charcoal.
Enjoy the relaxing effect of the negative ions.

Fee/ Overnight guests 600 yen (tax included)
Day trip guests 1,700 yen (hot spring entrance, tax included)
(Comes with clothing exclusively for Charcoal Baden use and a bath towel)

Spring qualities
Chloride spring
Water temperature
Rheumatic diseases, motor dysfunction, chronic eczema and keratosis, weak children, gynecological diseases, menopausal disorders, among other ailments.

Dining information

We can prepare breakfast and dinner for you.

At Yamagataya, we use local ingredients found here in Atsushiokano Town of Kitakata City to devise a new menu of elaborate culinary delights each month.
Enjoy the flavors that can only be savored that month.

The menu is subject to change depending on what ingredients can be found that day.
The content and number of dishes in a meal differ depending on plan and price.

  • Sample dish
  • Sample dish
  • Irori hearth meal
  • Irori hearth meal
  • Sample breakfast
  • Our original junmai ginjo sake

We can provide you a meal of "irori hearth cuisine" to be eaten at the irori hearth if you so desire.
As a general rule, when staying in a group of 4 persons or more, you must inquire ahead of time.

We have a plentiful line up of delicious Japanese sake, including our own Yamagata Original Sake made with rice grown here in Atsushiokano Town.
It is said that the sake brewed in a locality suits that locality's cuisine better than any other, so don't miss your chance to try it.

Room information


Room typeCapacityBath・Toilet
Japanese-style room: 12 tatami mats (1 room)6 peopleWith Bath・Toilet
Japanese-style room: 6 tatami mats +8 tatami mats (2 rooms)7 peopleWith Bath・Toilet
Japanese-style room: 8 tatami mats (small room)4 peopleWith Toilet


Room typeCapacityBath・Toilet
8 tatami mats Japanese-style room + Twin Japanese-Western room6 peopleWith Toilet
14 tatami mats Japanese-style room5 peopleWith Toilet


Room typeCapacityBath・Toilet
10 tatami mats Japanese-style room5 peopleWith Toilet
20 tatami mats Japanese-style room10 peopleWith Toilet
  • Sample of Sayuri-tei One room suite
  • Sample of  Sayuri-tei Two rooms suite
  • Sample of  Sayuri-tei small suite
  • Sample of Otome-kan suite
  • Sample of Teruhime₋den suite
  • * We have room equipped with baths. Please call in advance for confirmation.
  • * Smoking is allowed in all guest rooms. If you prefer a non-smoking room we will deodorize the room.
  • * Shoes can be worn throughout our facilities, however please remove your shoes in the guest rooms.

Facility information

  • Lounge Iiderindo
  • Entrance
  • Ramen stall Daikon-no-Hana
  • Our delicious ramen
  • Shop Kantsubak
  • Bar
  • Yamagataya Charcoal Museum

<Lounge Iiderindo>
Take in the panoramic views of the town that spreads before you while you enjoy a leisurely cup of delicious coffee.

This spacious area for greeting guests is accented with a nostalgic bicycle equipped with a picture-story board on the back.

<Ramen stall Daikon-no-Hana>
We are proud of our ramen made with flavorful soup and homemade Kitakata noodles. The shop has numerous fans who make sure to eat here at least once when they stay.

<Shop Kantsubak>
The owner's hand-selected lineup of traditional crafts by Fukushima artists can be found here, in addition to famous Fukushima goods and specialty items.

At night, the lounge turns into a bar.
Enjoy cocktails and alcoholic beverages in a serene atmosphere.

<Yamagataya Charcoal Museum>
Yamagataya employs the natural powers of charcoal throughout the entire hotel.
Samples of charcoal are displayed with detailed explanations of their effects.

  • Large hall (can be divided into three rooms)
  • Mid-sized hall
  • The after-bath salon, Mishirazu
  • Shogi Master Commemorative Corner
  • Shinrin footbath

<Large hall (can be divided into three rooms)>
Our large hall, which can accommodate up to 180 people, can be used for a variety of purposes from banquets to meetings.

<Mid-sized hall>
The mid-sized hall can accommodate up to 50 people and can be used for banquets and eating irori hearth meals.

<The after-bath salon, Mishirazu>
Look at the photos of Kitakata and Atsushio Onsen that adorn the walls while relaxing.

<Shogi Master Commemorative Corner>
The 72nd Shogi Master Competition was held at Yamagataya.
Commemorative photos and autographs from the event are displayed here.

<Shinrin Footbath (closed during winter)>
This elevated footbath surrounded by trees feels open and spacious.
Feel the breeze of the season as you enjoy chatting with your companions.

Access Information

Transportation routes

  • By airplane

  • By JR